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Dedicated to getting back to our roots, literally. 


Wholly Hemp offers organic industrial hemp-based beauty and skin care products that do NOT contain any THC whatsoever. 


We are absolutely proud to boldly claim that we will NEVER offer you or a loved one any type of chemical, unnatural ingredient, or lab-created preservative in our Wholly Hemp products.

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The hemp plant receives a lot of negative attention due to the infamous (same species) Cannabis/Marijuana plant. 

This negativity comes from the misunderstanding and the assumption that hemp and cannabis are the same, but...

This couldn’t be more FALSE!

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Hemp products and supplements are now being offered for purchase (in several forms) all over the world and we have taken on the responsibility to explain what each supplement is, how it is made, how it is used, and what you should know before buying.
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50+ Health Benefits

While Hemp products are not a treatment or a cure for any disease, illness or condition, we have taken every step necessary to cite recent hemp research-based studies and controlled tests to offer you the most accurate, up-to-date information possible.
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