Wholly Hemp Cypress Soothing Soap

Soothing Soap
Calming Cypress

4oz. bar


Calm your nerves and cleanse away the day with this all natural soap infused with the herbaceous aroma of fresh cypress. We've packed a facial cleanser, body wash, and shampoo all into this aromatic pH-balanced bar that moisturizes skin while it cleanses. Be like the Lorax and speak for the trees. And if you are going to speak for the trees (for the trees have no tongues), it's best you start smelling like one! To use as shampoo, lather and apply to hair, then rinse.

Ingredients: Saponified hemp-coconut-palm-sunflower oil, cypress oil, rosemary extract.


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Carrie T

3:38am on Sunday, August 24th, 2014 

I have been using the cypress soap for a week and my skin feels amazing and my dry skin has improved so much. I can't wait to try out the other scents.

Mark V

7:59pm on Tuesday, April 15th, 2014 

I bought this a couple months ago and washed my hair and skin with it. My hair's softer and is much less oily; and it just feels cleaner than store soap.

Mark L

5:47pm on Sunday, November 17th, 2013 

I used to use Zest soap but it would always dry out my skin. I started using Wholly Hemp and within a couple of days I noticed a huge difference. Now my skin is soft and feels great! I used to have to use lotion every time I got out of the shower but... read more »


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